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Arduino IDE on macOS Big Sur

A couple days ago I got my new MacBook Pro with M1 Chip and yesterday I tried to install the Arduino IDE to Flash some ESP2866 Chips. Unfortunately, this did not work.

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Install kubectl on a Mac M1

At the moment it is not possible to install kubectl with brew on a Mac with M1 processor. But there is a simple workaround how to get kubectl on your Mac.

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How you can effectively delete a git submodule

Every now and then you need to delete a Git submodule. Since you don't do this often, you quickly forget how to do it. Here is a short tutorial for the next time.

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React - useState Hook

In the article: React Hooks I described what Hooks are and why they are so great. Now we will take a closer look at the Hooks.

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CSS - box-sizing

What is box-sizing in CSS and how works it? A simple and short explanation.

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React Hooks

With React 16.8 we got hooks. With them we got a new way to write our components in React. While we used classes to use the lifecycle methods like componentDidMount, we can now write functional components that are much clearer and more modular. But what is a hook and what are the default hooks?

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Next.js 9.4 - Core Web Vitals

With Next.js 9.4 some new features have been added. Here in this article, we want to take a look at a feature that does not look very big at first. It is about the Web Vitals.

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React - setTimeout

The setTimeout method calls a function after a specific time. For example you would like to print a string after 2 seconds you can do something like this...

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What is Docker?

A brief introduction in: What is Docker and how is it different from virtualization?

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Docker - Too Many Connections

From time to time it can happen that you have too many Docker sockets open. This can be easily fixed.

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React Native Sharing

Almost all apps have a sharing feature to share interesting links and so on. With React Native we can implement this in a very easy way without any dependency.

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YouTube Videos with React Native

React Native is a great framework to write apps for iOS and Android but sometimes React Native provides some really ugly things.

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Home Automation

Home automation makes everyday life easier and can help save electricity. This is the plan for the new apartment.

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Multiple Community Admins with Matrix/Riot

Sometimes you want that another person can administrate the matrix communities. With Riot it is not possible so we need a hacky way to fix this.

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Screenshot specific element in Chrome

In some moments you want to capture some intresting part of an website. Maybe a chart on Google Analytics or a nice designed element for your next project inspiration. You can do that with Chrome in seconds!

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Docker Multi-Stage building

To make our Docker images smaller we can build our images as a multi-stage build.