Home Automation

In a few weeks I move into a new apartment with my girlfriend and our son. This apartment is more than twice the size of our current apartment and for this reason I want a little more control over light, temperature, energy, etc. On the market there are a lot of products for every purpose that I currently wish for, but only as an isolated solution. I would like to switch certain lamps on or off according to fixed times. This only works if I own all lamps of one brand or use several apps to program everything. It is similar with temperature and humidity sensors, window/door contact, heating thermostats, etc. For these and other reasons I decided to test if you can build it yourself without making a huge project out of it.

Here are my preliminary goals for my home automation:

  • Switching light on and off
    • by time
    • via Webinterface/App
    • Save State Change in Database
  • Measure temperature/humidity
    • store in database
    • Turn on the heating if there is too much humidity in the bathroom.
  • Control heating
    • Temperature after time
    • Heating off when window is open

These tasks alone involve several protocols that I have to take care of. Starting with wifi over Zigbee to 433 Mhz radio. All signals have to converge and be managed centrally. As software node-red will be used. So workflows can be created by drag&drop. So I only have to program a little myself.

I will start with node-red and a Yeelight RGB lamp which is controlled via wifi.